Liberty for America

Liberty for America

Welcome to the revived Web Site of Liberty for America.

Liberty for America is a political-education group supporting the whole Bill of Rights without any compromises, social tolerance, the end to the national surveillance state and the warfare state, and other objectives of the Libertarian Political Movement, notably a less intrusive and wasteful government.

Our Magazine

We occasionally publish our magazine Liberty for America, mostly on Libertarian Party news and libertarian issues. Go here to subscribe or read older and current issues.

Our Books

Our leadership and their friends have written a multitude of books on political methods and past politial campaigns.

Downloadable Trifolds

We have prepared an extensive set of Downloadable Trifolds on a variety of issues.

Our Leadership

George Phillies
48 Hancock Hill Drive
Worcester, MA 01609

Last Modified: November 5, 2016
As you can see, our reconstruction is only now under weigh.